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The ultimate market research software for every company with products and services related to pregnancy and infants.

Do you really know what moms want?

New trends are constantly emerging. How can you always catch up with new trends? Which of these are the most significant for your brand to act upon? Act proactively and faster than your competition. Data are travelling fast.

How strong is your brand?

In which targets is your brand stronger? How does your brand’s dynamic changing month by month, accordingly to baby age? What about your competition? Enhance brand loyalty and recruit new customers. Data is power.

Which is the power of each communication channel?

And how does change, month by month, according to baby age? Figure out whether our promotional strategies have produced the desired results. Data is your biggest ally.


Mother and Baby is the only specialised business intelligence tool focusing on the buyer behaviour of the mother.

Mothers in Greece are surveyed at a national level every month, and for each baby age group separately.

This gives us the opportunity to collect their answers on an ongoing basis, staying always updated, and thus being able to provide our customers with detailed market analysis and assessment of their target audience.

But who are "we" ?

      Mnb is powered by qed,

the largest Greek,

full scale, market and social research company.

Mnb at a glance

An on going project, using the largest mothers’ database in Greece

A large scale tracking survey for moms with babies from 1 up to 36 months

A Systematic monitoring and recording of mom’s purchasing behavior

Mothers' whole world in an interactive reporting tool

New grounds in the marketing field

With new products and trends constantly emerging, mothers are faced with difficult buying decisions every day.

The competition is fierce and targeting new and existing mothers at the right moment in their customer journey can be a formidable task. The marketer is facing the challenge of a dynamic and high competitive market, and difficult target with continuous changes in its purchasing behaviour.

Mother and Baby is a state-of-the-art targeting tool that provides companies with all the needed data for effective market penetration by tracking the mother’s purchasing behaviour in a variety of product categories, giving useful insights, providing useful market reports, and opening new grounds in the marketing field.

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A Systematic monitoring and recording of mothers’ purchasing behavior

One tool, all the answers, month by month for:

12 baby product categories: Baby bottles, Pacifiers, Milk, Food/ creams, Yoghurts, Diapers, Baby wipes, Baby detergents, Nappy creams, Saline, Shampoos, Sunscreens and more to come...

6 critical measuring factors: Penetration, Brands’ dynamics, Selection criteria, Purchasing channels, Factors of influence, New trends.

Mothers in Greece are surveyed at a national level about their choices in baby products breaking new grounds in the marketing field.

With a strong partnership with Care Direct, we hold in our hands the only integrated database for mothers and babies for Greece. The database processes more than 85% of all the recorded births per month.

The only survey in Greece that monitors the purchasing behavior of mothers with babies up to 36 months, every month.

And all these, in an interactive reporting. In your hand by applying a variety of filters, you can read results in a friendly and more insightful way. You can read results crossed by baby age, mother education, mother experience, maternity hospital, main brand, across Greece.

  • Gain a deeper insight into your brand and competition across time
  • Learn about the mothers' consideration list
  • Decide on which purchasing channels are worth investing in.
  • Evaluate the impact of each factor of influence and conduct the ideal  communication mix
  • Discover new business opportunities

At the end of the day, updated data is your biggest ally, if you want to learn where you’ve been, where you’re heading, and where you want to be.

Research Methodology Product categories Measuring Factors Interactive report (dashboard)

-Online surveys

-Tracking (monthly waves since January 2018)

-Nationwide sample

-Covering almost 85% of births per month

-A constantly updated panel of moms with babies 1 – 36 months

-Compliance with new GDPR rules

Baby growth

  • Baby bottles
  • Pacifiers


  • Milk
  • Food/ creams
  • Yogurts

Care and Hygiene

  • Diapers
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby detergents
  • Nappy creams
  • Saline
  • Baby shampoos
  • Sunscreen


-Brands’ dynamics

-Selection Criteria

-The influencing factors

-Purchasing channels

-New trends emerging

-Data updated monthly

-User-friendly interface

-Interactive parameterization with filters

-Tracking indicators




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“We are made of stories and stories are made of data”

A world full of mothers who feel, behave, react differently and change over time.

A snapshot of real-life ‘stories’, written by different mothers;

…the mother of 2018 and the mother of 2019,

…the experienced and the inexperienced,

…the provincial and the urban,

…the sophisticated/educated and the less educated….and the list goes on...

And all these different mothers are changing across time, accordingly to baby age and child behavioral transitions.

Which prefer the ‘classic’ well known, and which the more modern brands? How can your brand be listed in their consideration set? Which are more open to try and select new brands, and what influences them? Which  moms are earlier adopters of new trends? And how are these trends changing across time?

Welcome to mnb world…


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  • Results crossed by:
  • Baby age
  • Mother education
  • Mother experience
  • Maternity hopital
  • Across Greece
  • My brand users
  • All brand users
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Choose frequency of reporting:

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MnB Plus

  • Results crossed by:
  • Baby age
  • Mother education
  • Mother experience
  • Maternity hopital
  • Across Greece
  • My brand users
  • All brand users
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MnB Premium

  • Results crossed by:
  • Baby age
  • Mother education
  • Mother experience
  • Maternity hopital
  • Across Greece
  • My brand users
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