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Mother and Baby is the only specialized business intelligence tool focusing on the buyer behavior of the mother.

Mothers in Greece are surveyed at a national level every month, and for each baby age group separately.

This gives us the opportunity to collect their answers on an ongoing basis, staying always updated, and thus being able to provide our customers with detailed market analysis and assessment of their target audience.



A world full of mothers who feel, behave, react differently and change over time.


Which is the power of each communication channel?  And how does change, month by month, according to baby age? 


Do you really know what moms want?  How strong is your brand?  In which targets is your brand stronger? 


No, mnb is not a mothers’ panel.  Not the same mothers respond every month. The respondents come every month after random sampling in constantly updated database that includes more than 60,000 mothers with babies up to 36 months.  A mother can, if she wants and if she is selected on the sample basis, to answer the maximum once every quarter, that is, when her baby’s developmental stage also changes.

The research is carried out by qed, which is a company of Greek interests.  qed conducts social and consumer marketing research and polls and has been designing and implementing projects since 1998 in Greece and the wider area of Balkans. For more information visit the site

mnb is developed in collaboration with Care Direct. Care Direct has the largest maternity base in Greece with coverage of 85% of births per month nationwide. For more information visit the site

mnb is fully aligned with GDPR regulations. Since 2018 that the regulation is in full force we have taken all necessary steps and updated our processes in order to be fully compliant and continue providing high level database services to our customers.

You can register on the site, at the corresponding field at the top of the page. Then from pricing page select one or more out of the 20 available, choose the mnb package  mnb, mnb plus or mnb premium package and finally the time periods you require.  You can select either fresh data for the current year in the corresponding calendar and / or recent data from previous years from the corresponding calendar. Finally, tick the number of reports you wish to receive. After these actions you are transferred to the billing details form, where you can fill in your details and make the bank deposit.  Reports from previous years are already available and will be send to you as soon as your purchase is been verified.  In any case, do not hesitate to give us a call in case you need assistance in (+30) 210 7484602-3.


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