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A Systematic monitoring and recording of mothers’ purchasing behavior

Mothers in Greece are surveyed at a national level about their choices in baby products breaking new grounds in the marketing field. 

With a strong partnership with Care Direct, we hold in our hands the only integraded database for mothers and babies in Greece.  The database processes more than 85% of all the recorded births per month. 


One tool, all the answers, month by month for:

20 baby product categories: Baby bottles, Pacifiers, Milk, Food/ creams, Yoghurts, Diapers, Baby wipes, Baby detergents, Nappy creams, Saline, Shampoos, Strollers, Sunscreens, Supplements, Vitamin D, Melatonin, Electrolytes, Probiotics, Iron, Multivitamins, Lactating and more to come…

critical measuring factors: penetration, brands’ dynamics, purchasing channels, influencing factors, new trends emerging

results crossed: by time, baby age, mother experience, mother education, main brand, across Greece, maternity hospital

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Research Methodology:

-Online survey

-Tracking (monthly waves since January 2018)

-Nationwide sample

-Covering almost 85% of births per month

-A constantly updated panel of moms with babies 1-36 months

-Compliance with new GDPR rules

Interactive report (dashboard):

-Data updated monthly

-User-friendly tableau interface

-Interactive parameterization with filters

-Tracking KPIs

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